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Friday, April 15, 2011

Initials, Initials Everywhere

I am finally almost finished with all of my Cs for the initial wall in our living room.  I have been trying to create different shapes and patterns to get variety on the wall.  I already posted a few of the Cs here.  I have 2 more that I made yesterday that I am in LOVE with.  I bought 2 frame at Goodwill, $0.99 each thank you very much.  I painted both the frames, one green, one white.  I wasn't worried about perfection.  I like the weathered "I have a story" look.
With the green frame, I took a piece of fabric and glued it to the cardboard frame backing.  I painted a C white and hot glued it to the fabric.  With the white frame, I left the cardboard backing piece as is and gave it a good coat of Mod Podge.  I used a wooden C to trace onto a piece of red fabric.  I cut it out and Mod Podged it to the cardboard.  I love both and almost wish I could do the whole wall in these framed Cs.  We will see what the finished wall brings us.

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