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Thursday, June 30, 2011

A feature and a half

I was a featured Diva last week over at La Dee Da Creations.  She featured my glittered candle.  Check her out here.  Yesterday she posted about some decorated candles for the 4th of July.  She again posted about my about my glitter candles.  Thanks for the space on your blog.  Check out La Dee Da.

Have a sweet day!!!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Beautiful

Everybody needs a patriotic wreath.  As always, I saw one made on another blog and can't remember the blog name. 

  -clothespins (about 100)
  -hot glue gun
  -any decorating accessories

Trace a circle onto your cardboard, I used a large mixing bowl as my template.  Then cut out your cicrle.  I used the next size down mixing bowl to trace another circle.  This created a cardboard "halo" piece.  Next begin the glue your clothespins onto the carboard.

After completing the entire circle, I gave the clothespins a clear coat.  I wanted a bit of shine.  I then added some red, white, and blue flowers to the bottom portion.  And finally I hung the wreath with a red and white gingham ribbon.

I think the wreath would be nice for any spring/summer holiday. You could add Easter eggs, fabric flowers, back to school accessories, etc.

Have a sweet day!


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Monday, June 27, 2011


I am loving the new iPad.  It is awesome and I use it all the time.  One of my favorite apps is CraftGawker.  The app links you to hundreds of different crafts across blogland.  I have multiple crafts that I have saved to do later.  I did find one that I could do with no additional purchases.  This link has all the instructions in a great tutorial to make a Jersey T Shirt necklace.  I altered mine and made a bracelet.

You could make one with different colored t-shirts or dye the white shirts any color.  The project was super easy and I like the finished project.  If you have an iPod download CraftGawker.

Have a sweet day!

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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Someone turned 30!!!

No it isn't me but my sweet husband.  We woke up Friday to open presents because he can't wait.  Kevin had a ton of cards from family and friends and a couple of presents.

Kevin received a Whalers jersey from his mom and dad.  He was super pumped.

My family sent him the first and only season of Freaks and Geeks.  I am just as excited about this one.

Kevin models my present, a new pair of "outdoor" shoes.

Happy 30th Birthday!!

Have a sweet day!

Accessorize everything

I love taking pictures.  I am by no means a professional or even a semi-professional but I am the person at any family event with by camera slung around my neck.  I have seen all over the blog world camera straps for slr cameras.  I am not going to buy one but I did try to make one. 

I had a scrap of fabric left over from one of my C wall frames.  I measured a cut the fabric.  Then pressed and pinned.  I sewed the cover and then placed it on the strap. 

The strap isn't beautiful but it was good practice.  I plan on making another one later with a little more style but, I have to get to a fabric store first.

Have a sweet day!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Feature and some History

I was featured.  Check me out over at La-Dee-Da Creations.  Don't forget to click her follower button.  This blog is great and one of my favorites.

In her feature,  the La-Dee-Da Crafter asked for a little more history on the name Science, Softball, and Something Sweet.  So here goes.  The science applies to me.  I teach high school science, usually biology.  At the moment, I am tutoring student athletes in all kinds of science but I prefer biology.  The softball applies to my husband.  Kevin is a college softball coach.  Softball rules our life.  If we aren't playing, we are practicing.  If we aren't practicing, we are off recruiting.  We do need some good news from the softball "gods" though.  The something sweet in theory would be my dog but alas he is a heathen.  So the something sweet really applies to my sweet tooth and love of cake, cookies, and candy.  I had our blog name before I ever had a blog.  This blog has been a good routine for me after basically being jobless the last half of the spring semester due to the move.  My family and friends can keep up with our family and see what I am doing around the house.  We will see where the blog world takes me but for now I am doing just fine with my little blog.

Have a sweet day!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


There have been a multitude of aprons linked up on all the different blog parties lately.  I decided to give one a try.  I took sewing lessons as a child so I knew I could handle this skill.  I was more concerned with cutting the pieces and coming up with a pattern.  I had a tablecloth that I bought on clearance from Target and I went to Hobby Lobby to buy a piece of coordinating fabric for the waist ties.  I used the curve of the tablecloth to make the bottom hem of the apron and cut and hemmed the sides.  The brown polka dot fabric was pressed and sewed to make the waist ties. 

I am going to add pockets at some point but did not purchase enough material to begin with.  So for now I have a cute apron that I made. 

Have a sweet day!

Monday, June 20, 2011

All that Glitters

I saw this craft on another blog several weeks ago but can't remember the exact web address.

Starting Materials
  -candle (had on hand)
  -double sided tape (Dollar Tree)
  -glitter (Dollar Tree)
  -paint brush and scissors (had on hand)

Start with any candle.  I added a strip of double sided tape to the top of the candle.

I then began the process of sprinkling glitter onto the double sided tape.  I used a paint brush to dust off excess glitter.

And that is it.  My mind started going with all the different things you could do with this.
     *Holiday candles- white candles that are candy stripped with red glitter for Christmas or orange candle with black glitter for Halloween
     *Monogramms- use the double sided tape to lay out a monogram and sprinkle with glitter
     *Sports teams- decoate for a football party or tailgate with a little style
     *Beach themed- use fine grain sand to add some beach to your decor

Have a sweet day!


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