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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wedding Shower

My mom gave a wedding shower for by cousin's soon to be wife.  I say that she gave the shower because she was the financial backer.  I just came up with the ideas.  For the weeks up to the shower, she scoured Goodwill, Dollar Tree, and any other little store for blue (their wedding color) and yellow (our accent color) accessories.  I took a couple shots of the food and drink tables.
I hope you can notice the blue and yellow accents.  In the front I have a cake stand that I can thread with ribbon.  We bought blue ribbon, placed a bread bowl filled with dip on top, and bread pieces on a silver charger below.  The rest of our menu included: pigs in a blanked (the bride to be's favorite), frut, veggies, parmesan breadsticks, mini quiches, quesadillas, and cupcakes.

The mini cupcakes were fabulous.  A friend of mine, Neelley Parkes King (check her out at the The Sweet Life) made the cupcakes.  The mini cupcakes are dangerous though.  Because they are minis you feel like you can eat multiples.  Before you know it have eaten 3 or 4 cupcakes.

Mom served fruit tea, lemonade, and water to the guests.  The middle vase is filled with yellow crinkle paper with blue Ws (new last name) placed on top. 
And last but not least are the mother and sister of the groom (my aunt and youngest cousin) and the bride to be.  Mom and I had fun planning the shower.  Hopefully everybody enjoyed it.

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