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Monday, April 4, 2011

Mongram Love

I am old school but I love a good monogram.  I know they might be a little last season but who cares.  I have been working on creating a ton of different "C"s for a wall in our living room.  Here is what I have thus far.
Starting from the left, I painted a canvas brown and streaked it with some black.  I took a wooden letter and used it to make a stamp.  The wooden C I used ended up painted green and at the bottom of the canvas.  Next I found the small decorated canvas along with the letter at Michaels.  I painted it and hot glued it to the canvas.  Done.  Last I spray painted the final canvas an almond color and traced different Cs.  Kind of the subway art look. 
Again, starting from the left.  I bought a frame from the Dollar Tree and removed everything but the glass.  I painted a wooden C and hot glued it onto the glass.  Next, is a chipboard C wrapped in twine from the Dollar Tree.  Another Dollar Tree find was the mirror that I painted a C on.  I then took another chipboard C and mod podge pages from an old book onto it.  I took a Hobby Lobby C and painted it (with my free Valspar paint sample).  Lastly is the tissue paper C made from cardboard from a cereal box and tissue paper. 

I need some more C ideas.  I am going to do one covered in moss.  And am thinking about doing one wrapped in yarn.  Any other ideas out there?

I linked to a new party this time, Craft-O-Maniac

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