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Monday, June 20, 2011

All that Glitters

I saw this craft on another blog several weeks ago but can't remember the exact web address.

Starting Materials
  -candle (had on hand)
  -double sided tape (Dollar Tree)
  -glitter (Dollar Tree)
  -paint brush and scissors (had on hand)

Start with any candle.  I added a strip of double sided tape to the top of the candle.

I then began the process of sprinkling glitter onto the double sided tape.  I used a paint brush to dust off excess glitter.

And that is it.  My mind started going with all the different things you could do with this.
     *Holiday candles- white candles that are candy stripped with red glitter for Christmas or orange candle with black glitter for Halloween
     *Monogramms- use the double sided tape to lay out a monogram and sprinkle with glitter
     *Sports teams- decoate for a football party or tailgate with a little style
     *Beach themed- use fine grain sand to add some beach to your decor

Have a sweet day!


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  1. I am soooo doing this!! Great idea!!!

  2. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing! You got a lovely space here.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  3. 1st- Love your blog design ;)
    2nd- These are really great! They would be perfect for a wedding!!
    3rd- Thanks for linking up to make it for less Mondays @ Simply Cadence!!

  4. This is so creative!!! And beautiful. These would be so great for a wedding or like you said holidays. I am making a note to do this. I love it.
    following you now

  5. So cute! I've glittered candles before, but never thought about doing a stripe or even a pattern.

  6. I featured this on my blog. It is Diva Thursday and you were crowned. Come and grab a button.

  7. It turned out so pretty. I love the glitter. Thanks for linking to the party this week.

  8. What a fun and easy idea. Love it!!
    Thank you so much for linking to {nifty thrifty things} last week!
    I hope to see you again tomorrow!

  9. i love the idea of using the double sided tape to make an exact line! and the christmas candles sound sooo fun! you could totally do red and white diagonal stripes on a peppermint one! thanks for linking up to my tip-toe thru tuesday party! hope to see you next week!

  10. This is too cute! & I LOVE your background. Thanks for checking out my bog :)

  11. I mentioned these again on my post today.Decoratin candles for the 4th!!!

    And I love how you got your blog name. Very creative!!!