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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Feature and some History

I was featured.  Check me out over at La-Dee-Da Creations.  Don't forget to click her follower button.  This blog is great and one of my favorites.

In her feature,  the La-Dee-Da Crafter asked for a little more history on the name Science, Softball, and Something Sweet.  So here goes.  The science applies to me.  I teach high school science, usually biology.  At the moment, I am tutoring student athletes in all kinds of science but I prefer biology.  The softball applies to my husband.  Kevin is a college softball coach.  Softball rules our life.  If we aren't playing, we are practicing.  If we aren't practicing, we are off recruiting.  We do need some good news from the softball "gods" though.  The something sweet in theory would be my dog but alas he is a heathen.  So the something sweet really applies to my sweet tooth and love of cake, cookies, and candy.  I had our blog name before I ever had a blog.  This blog has been a good routine for me after basically being jobless the last half of the spring semester due to the move.  My family and friends can keep up with our family and see what I am doing around the house.  We will see where the blog world takes me but for now I am doing just fine with my little blog.

Have a sweet day!

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  1. looks great to me! thanks for the comment!