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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Out of the South

I have been out of state for the past week.  I was out of the south for that matter.  Kevin's cousin got married last weekend in New Hampshire.  We made a trip out of it and visited his grandparents in Connecticut.  Then drove with his family through Massachussetts to New Hampshire.  And drove over the Maine border so that I could say I had been to Maine.  The wedding was outdoors at a campsite.  The sky was sunny and weather great (my southern blood said it was a little chilly though).

The happy couple.

The entire Creech family from top to bottom:  Me and Kevin, Brittany and Lindsey, Bob and Patti
Not our children.  These are Kevin's cousin's children, Kasey and Jake.  They are our buddies and can't say no to a photo.
All in all not a bad trip.  It was a lot of travelling in only a few days and I am glad to be home.

Have a sweet day!

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