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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Adding more layers

I bought this table a couple of weeks ago.  I have been collecting a few little things to add to the table and finish out that half of the entryway. 

My mom (the best woman I know) bought the glass container.  I had the bottom ball from a previous purchase.  I covered some wiffle balls with fabric scraps and added them to the mix.  Some styrofoam balls were covered with tacks and then painted.  Several smaller styrofoam balls were wrapped with twine, yarn, or string.  And yes I added a C.  I stacked some books and added a dollar store frame that I painted. 

The frame has more Cs (who would have thought).  I bought a roll of tape at Michael's that was already covered with the letters.  I placed the tape on a piece of cardstock and there you go.

Lastly is my little bird from Michael's.  I like the color so he is staying as is.  The frame at the bottom is sans picture at the moment.

I feel like I need one more thing but I am not to sure what.  No rush.
Have a sweet day!

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