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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Boredom....has set in.

I am bored out of my mind.  I am waiting to hear from HR at Ole Miss so that I can fill out paperwork to become a student athlete tutor.  The rain is heading our way.  I am out of spray paint for my multiple painting projects.  I can't shop because I don't have a job, yet.  I have finished all but one assignment and my final for my last grad school class.  And, my house is clean.  I am the type of person that needs a routine and this is not working.  I can't take much more.  Hopefully I will hear something from HR today or tomorrow morning.  On the plus side Kevin is in town this weeked playing ball.  The team is hosting the Red & Blue Classic and Kevin's sister, Brittany, is coming down to visit and watch a little softball.

I do have a couple of projects that I have yet to share.  I found these two pieces at my favorite store in Oxford, Sugar Magnolia.  Sugar Magnolia is set up so that people can sell their arts and crafts, thrifty finds, re-finished furniture, or junk.  I found the chair in a shade of white and the table in the most awful shade of baby pink.

The chair got a coat of blue paint and a little sanding to distress.  I love it.  It sits in the corner of the guest room so that others can throw stuff on it.  The table got a coat of brown spray paint and then I had to fix the broken piece.  It originally had a wooden piece to hold magazines, books, etc but it was broken.  I am not handy enough to add another piece of wood.  However, I did have Kevin drill me some holes and I strung ribbon through them.  The ribbon is tight enough to withstand a couple of magazines and books for guests.  I added some candles wrapped in the same ribbon.  My Goodwill cakestand that guests can use for jewelry.  And my Goodwill lamp with the shade that is a bit to big but works for now.  All in all not to bad for a newbie to refinishing and redecorating.

I am getting a little bold.  I linked up my wrapping paper organizer to Allison's, a high school friend, Catch A Glimpse party.  I am trying to get the full blog experience.  Check her blog out.  She is wonderful, creative, and has lots of great ideas.  Her blog is Adventures of the Michelena Family,
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  1. Looks great! And I totally want to go to that store! lol

    And thanks for the plug dear! And again, I'm so happy you linked up!