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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Goodwill Treasure

My mom has made a Goodwill shopper out of me.  She has ventured out into blogland and found many a good ideas.  Goodwill is the place to go the gather supplies at a cheap price.  Like I have said previously the Goodwill in Oxford is excellent and I usually make a weekly trip there.  I bypass the clothes and head straight back to the "home" area.  I have been looking for a mirror for my vanity table (will reveal later this week).  I found this mirror for $12.99.
The mirror was originally gold and then given a coat of shiny leather brown.  It wasn't pretty but it was sturdy and a great size.  I took it outside and sanded and wiped down. 

I gave it a coat of almond colored spray paint first.  I didn't have any primer on hand and wanted to get an even layer before I added my color.  I ended up painting it a flat brown.  There were no hooks on the back and instead of stressing out my husband, I decided to lean it against the wall and vanity.

Not to shabby for a $12.99 Goodwill mirror.

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