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Friday, March 18, 2011

Lamp shade Revamp

My mom donated a candlestick lamp and lamp shade for our house when I moved to Oxford.  The lamp shade was not working.  It was kind of faux leather looking and I couldn't handle it (reminded me of flesh, ugh).  Kevin didn't understand but then again most men don't.  I pulled the cover off (didn't take a pic) and ended up with this.
I had seen on another blog somebody wrap jute around a lamp shade.  I can do that and already had the jute on had.  I started at the top with some hot glue.  Then began wrapping, every so often added another dot of hot glue.  This is what I ended up with.
I had some odd space left at the bottom of the shade so I started wrapping from the bottom up for the last 1/2 inch.  I sprayed the lamp base black.  I was a little nervous because it is a touch lamp and wasn't sure if it would still work.  I taped a small square on the back near the wires and left it unpainted.  I also took the left over jute and wrapped it around the top portion of the lamp base(it was ugly cream-colored plastic).  I added it to the small table and vase of flowers in the entryway.

Nate owes me a painting for above the pic.  Hopefully I will have one soon. 

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  1. I love your result! The lamp has a "green" organic look and texture. I think I'll try this on some chandelier shades.