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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Take me out to the Ballgame

As posted yesterday, Ole Miss Softball had a doubleheader.  We went 1-1.  We lost the first game but won the second game 11-0 in five innings.  The second game was definitely better to watch.  The girls play again tonight and hopefully get another win.

No craft project today.  I am working on a couple of things.  Need a little help and time for some projects to dry.  I did however score the deal of the month at Goodwill.  Kevin and I have been needing an air mattress.  One to have in case we have extra guests and not enough beds.  And I know a Goodwill air mattress does not sound appealing but let me explain.  Our Wal Mart sits right next to the Goodwill.  Products, its usually just the box, that are damaged and wouldn't look good on the shelves are given to Goodwill. 
Coleman Queen Sized Air Bed 
The air mattress is originally $30.00.  It was at Goodwill for $12.00.  Then it was half off and I got it, including tax, for $6.41.  If I had known it was half off I would have got the elevated one but I am still proud of my deal.  And yes I got it home, opened it, inflated it, and we are good to go.  Got to love the Oxford Goodwill.

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