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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Honey Do Project

Kevin had an off weekend from softball.  So we were able to spend the whole weekend at home.  I have learned through a few years of marriage to not give him any projects on Saturday.  Saturday is his relaxing day.  So Sunday I charged him with a little project.  We had a frame from our previous house that had not found a home in our Oxford house.  I decided that it needed something else.

I spray painted a 2x4 brown.  After letting it dry, I covered the brown spray paint with an off white acrylic.  After letting it dry, I went over the piece with sandpaper trying to rough up the look and give it a shabby appearance.  Then came Kevin.  He drilled the holes and added the drawer pulls.  I gave Kevin a height and he hung it on the wall.  Now he has a place to hang his softball clothing or anything else (instead of it being on the floor...UGH!). 


Beyond The Picket Fence

Have a sweet day!

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