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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Mom to the rescue...AGAIN

I have been working on decorating this house since the day I moved in.  Our guest rooms are much bigger and up until yesterday the tv was sitting on the ground.  Mom (and I guess Nathan) donated this little shelving unit for the guest room.

It was unpainted wood and would hold the tv.  Score!  I wiped the whole piece down.  Then I primed the piece.  I sprayed the piece with a coat of white spray painted and then covered with almond colored paint.  I painted the edges/trim brown to add some contrast.

Please ignore the cords.  I am looking for some baskets to put in the shelving unit (hopefully in a blue that matches the comforter). 

I distressed the edges to match the weathered look of the rest of the furniture in the room.  The best part is that the tv is off the ground and the total cost was $4.00 (almond spray paint and brown paint).

Have a sweet day!

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